Rapture, bronze sculpture


Medium: Bronze

Dimensions: 33.5″ (h) x 36″(w) x 21″(d)

Commissioned by: Stephan Bechtel

Commission Year: 1996

Exhibition/Location: Private residence, Charlottesville VA

Artist’s comments:

Artist’s comments: I was asked to create a sculpture for Stefan and Kay’s garden, with its pond and waterfall. I worked out a few ideas, and came up with a maquette (about 10″ high) of a Pan-like creature, dancing. Stefan liked this maquette, and so I worked up the full-size version, starting with a back iron and wire armature, and hiring a fellow to model for me. I used clay that was really much too hard, and about killed my hands. Steven Strumlauf, a friend of Stefan’s and an awesome sculptor and founder, cast the piece in bronze. I learned so much from Steven–about sculpture and art, and a “way of being”– in his delightful studio. And oh, Rapture looked so good, dancing by that pond!