Terry Collpitts

Terry Cullpitts


Medium: Plaster, on a walnut base
Dimensions: Approximately 12″ (h) x 8″(w) x 6″ (d)
Commissioned by: This sculpture was not a commission, but my gift to Terry and Alicia Collpitts
Year: 2016
Exhibition/Location: Private residence
Artist’s comments:

Terry was diagnosed with ALS in the winter of 2014, I think it was–and by the summer of 2016 he was unable to walk, so I decided to give he and Alicia the best gift I was capable of giving: a portrait sculpture of him. So I modeled him from life in clay, while he sat in his wheelchair and smiled at me, both grateful and self-conscious, I guess. Then I made a plaster waste mold from the clay model, poured a plaster cast from the mold, and finished that cast with an old-timey recipe: shellac and paint painter with paint pigment. Terry was proud of his portrait bust, and I was glad I had completed it in time for him to enjoy it. I admired Terry tremendously: he was a great ER doc, an exacting wood craftsman, a lover of outdoor “extreme” sports, and altogether a dynamic person. His memorial service was a lineup of people telling amazing, and often hilarious “Terry stories”!

Terry Collpitts  Terry Collpitts