Mimi and Isaac


Medium: Bronze

Dimensions: Lifesize

Commissioned by: Private client

Commission Year: 2006

Exhibition/Location: Private residence

Artist’s Comments:

Mimi and Isaac were at the cusp between childhood and adolescence, when these portraits were commissioned. I had a lovely time modeling them on the screened-in porch, water trickling noisily into a natural stone basin outside. After the portraits were installed, beautifully illuminated by natural light, Mimi and Isaac’s mother had this to say:

“When my twins turned 12, I wanted to find a way to capture the spirit of their childhood before it fled. I came upon a piece by Larry in a local bookstore and knew right then that what I wanted were busts of the twins and he was sculptor for the work. The twin’s portrait busts now sit in the front hall. These pieces are so full of life that they compel us to interact with them—often in small amusing ways. Right now the busts are sporting sun glasses.” –M. B.

Mimi          Issac