Abstract Painting Workshop, Day 2

On a day which began with spitting rain and ended with intermittent sunshine and chilly winds, this 2nd day of the Abstract Painting Workshop, Ms. Montrose guided us through our second abstract painting, based upon either a realistic photograph or sketch. She began again with a demo, a watercolor in red, green, and yellow, taken from a sketch taken from a photo of staked-up tomato plants. “You can break one of the rules,” she said, with a laugh, “but not all of them.” She demonstrated various techniques, using tape, a pallet knife, a roller, aluminum foil, and, trying out something she’d only read about, saran wrap!

Realistic photograph or sketch

Late in the morning, we began our own paintings, following a procedure similar to the one we had used on the first day, only this time with a “realistic photograph or sketch.” I chose a sketch of  mine, which Ms. Montrose liked, and framed out a focus section, which I then transferred freehand to another sketch pad, then transferred freehand, on a larger scale, to a canvas. This whole process worked out great! I had large, simple forms to work with, and worked quickly, while the acrylics remained wet, so that I was able to blend colors and achieve “dimensionality.” (The finished version I will include in tomorrow’s blog, along with Painting 1, modified.)